Version 1.33.0 released 🎉 We've updated Heroicons to version 2.1.5, which adds some new icons.

Turbocharge your workflow with ready-to-use TALL Stack components.

TallStackUI is a powerful suite of 30+ Blade components that elevate your workflow of Livewire applications.

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What makes TallStackUI different?


More than 30 ready-to-use components, and more than 15 components are in development.

Easy Installation

Components in less than five minutes. A quick installation to save your development time.

Full Personalized

New and unique customization approaches. You've never seen anything like this before.

Continuous Updates

Developers committed to constantly updating the library to add new content or improve current.

Our Sponsors

TallStackUI is an open-source project used by many people and supported by the community. We appreciate all the support we receive. Here are some of our sponsors. Want to see your logo here? Support us!

Everything you need in a single place to start your next TALL Stack project.

See some of our 30+ Blade components in a quick overview.

Alerts 👇🏻

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... With a lot of color variations


... And with different styles!

Badges 👇🏻

Your text goes here... ... with a lot of color variations and with different styles


and possibilities!

Modal & Slides 👇🏻


... Can you imagine a complete form content here?


... Can you imagine a big content here?

Tags 👇🏻

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Clipboard 👇🏻

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Date Picker 👇🏻

Time Picker 👇🏻



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... and Table 👇🏻

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Jess Archer Jess Archer
James Brooks James Brooks

A personalization approach never seen before.

Enjoy soft personalization to customize your components at runtime. In just a few minutes and without technical effort, you can personalize all the TallStackUI components.

use TallStackUi\Facades\TallStackUi;
class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
public function boot(): void
// Determining the component...
// Pointing the block...
// Personalizing!
->replace('rounded-md', 'rounded-sm')
// Sequentially we can...
// Personalize other components!

TallStackUI is a project designed, created and mainly maintained by AJ Meireles, in partnership with many incredible developers.