Version 1.33.0 released 🎉 We've updated Heroicons to version 2.1.5, which adds some new icons.

Powerful suite of Blade components for TALL Stack apps.

Form Input

Form input component.

<x-input />

The input type will be set to text when not specified.

Insert your name
<x-input label="Name" hint="Insert your name" />

An option to display an asterisk indicating that the field is required.

Insert your name
<x-input label="Name *" hint="Insert your name" />
<x-input label="Name" icon="users" />
<x-input label="Name" icon="cog" position="right" />
<x-input prefix="https://" label="Domain" />
<x-input suffix="" label="E-mail" />
<!-- or -->

Using a prefix or suffix will disable browser autocomplete as long as this is not explicitly defined.

An option to not show validation error message.

<x-input label="Name" invalidate />

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