Version 1.33.0 released 🎉 We've updated Heroicons to version 2.1.5, which adds some new icons.

Powerful suite of Blade components for TALL Stack apps.

The Summer Release 🏖

After more than 30 days of work, we present the Summer Release (v1.20)! The Summer Release is nothing more than a special release, containing many new features, released in March 2024. We dedicated ourselves to the maximum to introduce new features, improve various current components, and also fix many small issues. On this page, you will have a complete summary of the news, but also remember to navigate individually on the documentation pages that contains the "new" bagde to know more about new components.

In this release we made several changes in favor of improvements linked to several components. If you notice any exceptions due to this, read the component documentation to understand the changes in personalize block names.

Some important information:

  • Several components started to use the input, instead of defining HTML input individually, some examples of this were the Color and Password components. All functionality is expected to be intact.
  • The "floating box" that is displayed in components such as Select Styled and Form Upload is now a single object shared between several components, so if you need to personalize this box, be sure to check the Internal Components > Floating.
  • Tab component items have lost their individual personalization in exchange for the personalization now being centralized in the tab component, the parent component.
  • The icon configuration received a new structure in the TallStackUI configuration file to support the new icon libraries.

If you notice any strange behavior or issues after the update, please open an issue on our GitHub repository.

  • Support for Laravel 11 🚀
  • Uncountable improvements in the components 🔍
  • Uncountable quantities of bug fixes 🛠️
  • Five new components 💫
  • Support for three icon libraries 🎨
  • Artisan command to set up component prefixes ⌨️

Starting from version 1.20, TallStackUI introduce a command to easily setup prefix for the components:

php artisan tallstackui:setup-prefix

Starting from version 1.20, TallStackUI supports three icon libraries:

Review the component documentation

Single selection
Range selection
Multiple selection

Review the component documentation

Format 12 hours

Format 24 hours

Review the component documentation

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