New version 1.30.0 is now available 🎉 Introducing a useful command to search for component usage.

Powerful suite of Blade components for TALL Stack apps.


Whenever you update TallStackUI, check whether there have been changes to the config/tallstackui.php file. As this file can be published for your application, if a new component is added, this file needs to be updated with the addition of the new component.

If you are using TallStackUI on a version lower than Laravel 10.35 you will face an issue related to component attributes. This happens due to a bug in Laravel below version 10.35 that means that when passing attributes to a component that contains child components, such as input, buttons, badge, and others, they are not applied:

<!-- using the input like this -->
<x-input name="name" />
<!-- will result in an input WITHOUT "name" attribute -->

To fix this issue, ensure your Laravel is updated to a version higher than 10.35. This issue was found by AJ and reported to the Laravel team. A Laravel community member fixed the issue in a pull request.

If you are using the new Livewire SPA mode you must load the TallStackUI in the first page rendered in your application and persist in all other pages that want to use TallStackUI. For example, if your applications has a welcome.blade.php which is the first page rendered, so it must contain the script of the TallStackUI (step 3 of the installation page, at this same page) and also the next ones, when navigating using wire:navigate . This is necessary because using Livewire's SPA mode, Livewire only evaluates what is a script and the TallStackUI script loader is not actually a script, but rather a route to a script.

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