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Powerful suite of Blade components for TALL Stack apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about TallStackUI.

FilamentPHP is one of the best form builders, with little time and effort you can have a complete CRUD panel, however, there are some scenarios in which using a tool like it is not favorable. TallStackUI, on the other hand, is a component library for UI, that is: TallStackUI does not generate PHP code, and it does not take care of business rules, so the code that makes the application work is completely under your control, only the UI - visually, will be available through the TallStackUI components. If you need something fast, tools like Filament are always the best way to go. However, if you or your project are careful about dependencies, or you want to have control over all PHP code but save time just on the UI, TallStackUI is the best way.

TallStackUI was created and is maintained by people who, in addition to being users of the library itself, are people fully connected with the TallStack ecosystem, mainly Laravel and Livewire, capable developers who know everything about this ecosystem. Therefore, when using TallStackUI the biggest guarantee you and your project will have is frequent updates. After all, the TallStackUI developer team are also TallStackUI users. No updates for TallStackUI = no updates for our projects, which doesn't make sense.

Yes, totally! TallStackUI components support a prefix key, which consists of prefixing TallStackUI components avoiding conflicts in component names of other libraries.

From concept to creation, TallStackUI was designed to offer forms of personalization, so you can personalize TallStackUI components however you want, using two different methods available, which we will explain below.

Internally, yes. We like to prepare things with surprises, so the roadmap remains solely with the team, internally. We currently have over 30 components and expect the release of over 15 more new components in 2024.

TallStackUI was built by developers who are experts in PHP, JavaScript, and automated testing. This causes us to adopt some strict stances on quality control, written code, and testing. TallStackUI is guided for PHP 8.1 (support for PHP 8.1 or more!), following the PSR 12, with automated unit and browser tests with PestPHP, code analyses with LaraStan, without TypeScript to write simple and easy-to-understand JavaScript code, generating easy maintenance and less chance of bugs. Furthermore, our components do not have direct coupling, for example: a component that is used within 10 other components, meaning that possible bugs are isolated per component, with no chance of globally affecting other components.

No! As we find things worthy of release we simply ship them immediately, except for days like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That's why it's always good to pay attention and periodically update the TallStackUI in your project. To do that, just run this command through your terminal in the root of the project:

Although there is a sponsorship program, which raises funds to encourage the work of developers of tools like TallStackUI, TallStackUI itself is free and does not require payment. However, if you agree to support the library, you can do so by sponsoring the creator.

There are several ways to contribute to TallStackUI, from the sponsorship program, as mentioned above, to share the library or offering help with code by sending pull requests. Read the guide on how to prepare a development environment to submit a pull request to TallStackUI.

You can follow AJ, the creator of TallStackUI, on social media: LinkedIn and X, and also join our Discord server, which already has more than 100 people, so you'll have access to early updates and news.

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