Powerful suite of Blade components for TALL Stack apps.

Form Radio

Form radio component.

<x-radio />
<x-radio label="Receive Alert" />
<x-radio label="Receive Alert" position="left" />
I agree to the <a href="#">terms and conditions</a>
Align on Middle
<x-slot:label start>
Align on Start
<x-radio xs />
<x-radio sm />
<x-radio md />
<x-radio lg />
<x-radio label="Primary" />
<x-radio color="secondary" label="Secondary" />
<x-radio color="slate" label="Slate" />
<x-radio color="gray" label="Gray" />
<x-radio color="zinc" label="Zinc" />
<x-radio color="neutral" label="Neutral" />
<x-radio color="stone" label="Stone" />
<x-radio color="red" label="Red" />
<x-radio color="orange" label="Orange" />
<x-radio color="amber" label="Amber" />
<x-radio color="yellow" label="Yellow" />
<x-radio color="lime" label="Lime" />
<x-radio color="green" label="Green" />
<x-radio color="emerald" label="Emerald" />
<x-radio color="teal" label="Teal" />
<x-radio color="cyan" label="Cyan" />
<x-radio color="sky" label="Sky" />
<x-radio color="blue" label="Blue" />
<x-radio color="indigo" label="Indigo" />
<x-radio color="violet" label="Violet" />
<x-radio color="purple" label="Purple" />
<x-radio color="fuchsia" label="Fuchsia" />
<x-radio color="pink" label="Pink" />
<x-radio color="rose" label="Rose" />
<x-radio color="black" label="Black" />
<x-radio color="white" label="White" />

An option to not show validation error message.

<x-radio label="Receive Alert" invalidate />
Form Checkbox

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