New version 1.30.0 is now available 🎉 Introducing a useful command to search for component usage.

Powerful suite of Blade components for TALL Stack apps.


The TallStackUI update guide.

As TallStackUI is an actively developed and supported library, it is expected that there will be many updates. On this page you will find some information about how to update TallStackUI and also the list of releases, with markings for possible breaking changes that require your attention.

Updates are delivered daily, in favor of identifying and correcting problems, or weekly, regarding new content. The main suggestion is to update TallStackUI periodically. If after an update you notice that something is wrong, check the version you are on about the release list to identify if there were any breaking changes.

Updating all dependencies including TallStackUI:

composer update

Updating only TallStackUI:

composer update tallstackui/tallstackui
Version Date Released
v1.30.2 06/16/2024
v1.30.1 06/14/2024
v1.30.0 06/14/2024
Breaking Changes
v1.29.0 06/12/2024
v1.28.1 06/06/2024
Breaking Changes
v1.28.0 06/03/2024
v1.27.1 05/20/2024
v1.27.0 05/20/2024
v1.26.1 05/15/2024
v1.26.0 05/14/2024

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