Powerful suite of Blade components for TALL Stack apps.


Button component.

<!-- or -->
<x-button text="TallStackUi" />
<x-button square>TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-button round>TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-badge color="yellow" text="+99" round light />
<x-badge color="yellow" text="+99" round light />

An option to use any Heroicon.

<x-button icon="cog" position="left">TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-button icon="users" position="right">TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-button xs>TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-button sm>TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-button md>TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-button lg>TallStackUi</x-button>
<x-button wire:click="target" loading>
<!-- You can specify the target of the delay (method or property) -->
<x-button wire:click="target" loading="target">
Loading Target
<!-- You can use all the Livewire delay options: shortest, shorter, short, long, longer, longest -->
<x-button wire:click="delay" loading="target" delay="longest">
Delay Control
<x-button text="Primary" />
<x-button text="Secondary" color="secondary" />
<x-button text="Slate" color="slate" />
<x-button text="Gray" color="gray" />
<x-button text="Zinc" color="zinc" />
<x-button text="Neutral" color="neutral" />
<x-button text="Stone" color="stone" />
<x-button text="Red" color="red" />
<x-button text="Orange" color="orange" />
<x-button text="Amber" color="amber" />
<x-button text="Yellow" color="yellow" />
<x-button text="Lime" color="lime" />
<x-button text="Green" color="green" />
<x-button text="Emerald" color="emerald" />
<x-button text="Teal" color="teal" />
<x-button text="Cyan" color="cyan" />
<x-button text="Sky" color="sky" />
<x-button text="Blue" color="blue" />
<x-button text="Indigo" color="indigo" />
<x-button text="Violet" color="violet" />
<x-button text="Purple" color="purple" />
<x-button text="Fuchsia" color="fuchsia" />
<x-button text="Pink" color="pink" />
<x-button text="Rose" color="rose" />
<x-button text="Black" color="black" />
<x-button text="White" color="white" />
<x-button text="Primary" light />
<x-button text="Secondary" color="secondary" light />
<x-button text="Slate" color="slate" light />
<x-button text="Gray" color="gray" light />
<x-button text="Zinc" color="zinc" light />
<x-button text="Neutral" color="neutral" light />
<x-button text="Stone" color="stone" light />
<x-button text="Red" color="red" light />
<x-button text="Orange" color="orange" light />
<x-button text="Amber" color="amber" light />
<x-button text="Yellow" color="yellow" light />
<x-button text="Lime" color="lime" light />
<x-button text="Green" color="green" light />
<x-button text="Emerald" color="emerald" light />
<x-button text="Teal" color="teal" light />
<x-button text="Cyan" color="cyan" light />
<x-button text="Sky" color="sky" light />
<x-button text="Blue" color="blue" light />
<x-button text="Indigo" color="indigo" light />
<x-button text="Violet" color="violet" light />
<x-button text="Purple" color="purple" light />
<x-button text="Fuchsia" color="fuchsia" light />
<x-button text="Pink" color="pink" light />
<x-button text="Rose" color="rose" light />
<x-button text="Black" color="black" light />
<x-button text="White" color="white" light />
<x-button text="Primary" outline />
<x-button text="Secondary" color="secondary" outline />
<x-button text="Slate" color="slate" outline />
<x-button text="Gray" color="gray" outline />
<x-button text="Zinc" color="zinc" outline />
<x-button text="Neutral" color="neutral" outline />
<x-button text="Stone" color="stone" outline />
<x-button text="Red" color="red" outline />
<x-button text="Orange" color="orange" outline />
<x-button text="Amber" color="amber" outline />
<x-button text="Yellow" color="yellow" outline />
<x-button text="Lime" color="lime" outline />
<x-button text="Green" color="green" outline />
<x-button text="Emerald" color="emerald" outline />
<x-button text="Teal" color="teal" outline />
<x-button text="Cyan" color="cyan" outline />
<x-button text="Sky" color="sky" outline />
<x-button text="Blue" color="blue" outline />
<x-button text="Indigo" color="indigo" outline />
<x-button text="Violet" color="violet" outline />
<x-button text="Purple" color="purple" outline />
<x-button text="Fuchsia" color="fuchsia" outline />
<x-button text="Pink" color="pink" outline />
<x-button text="Rose" color="rose" outline />
<x-button text="Black" color="black" outline />
<x-button text="White" color="white" outline />
Circle Button
<!-- or -->
<x-button.circle text="TS" />

An option to use any Heroicon.

<x-button.circle icon="pencil" />

An option to use any Heroicon.

<x-button.circle text="SM" sm/>
<x-button.circle text="MD" />
<x-button.circle text="LG" lg/>
<x-button.circle wire:click="basic" icon="pencil" loading />
<!-- You can specify the target of the delay (method or property) -->
<x-button.circle wire:click="target"
loading="target" />
<!-- You can use all the Livewire delay options: shortest, shorter, short, long, longer, longest -->
<x-button.circle wire:click="delay"
delay="longest" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="secondary" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="slate" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="gray" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="zinc" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="neutral" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="stone" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="red" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="orange" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="amber" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="yellow" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="lime" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="green" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="emerald" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="teal" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="cyan" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="sky" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="blue" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="indigo" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="violet" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="purple" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="fuchsia" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="pink" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="rose" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="black" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="white" />
<x-button.circle text="TS" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="secondary" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="slate" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="gray" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="zinc" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="neutral" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="stone" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="red" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="orange" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="amber" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="yellow" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="lime" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="green" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="emerald" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="teal" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="cyan" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="sky" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="blue" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="indigo" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="violet" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="purple" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="fuchsia" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="pink" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="rose" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="black" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="white" light />
<x-button.circle text="TS" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="secondary" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="slate" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="gray" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="zinc" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="neutral" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="stone" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="red" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="orange" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="amber" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="yellow" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="lime" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="green" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="emerald" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="teal" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="cyan" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="sky" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="blue" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="indigo" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="violet" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="purple" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="fuchsia" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="pink" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="rose" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="black" outline />
<x-button.circle text="TS" color="white" outline />

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